Our work

Transforming brands through captivating design and strategic storytelling for unforgettable brand experiences.


A startup based in Porto, driven by a singular mission, “To accelerate the pace of AI innovation”


A UK startup enabling automated trading strategies for any asset class or trading style without any coding.


Preserving the invaluable treasures of our world, innovating with purpose and intent, and ensuring the perennity of our endeavours and the community.


Redefining clean and sustainable shower gel through a powder-to-liquid solution, that smells amazing and lather as traditional gels, without any of the single-use plastic waste (no-brainer).


A Digital Japanese School, reshaping how we embrace and learn Japanese culture in a disruptive digital format.


An Edtech startup based in Porto, changing how teachers work, giving them more time to do what they really love, teach.

M4 Ventures

Growing seeds into forests. A group of entrepreneurs who support startups to grow and expand globally.